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On the campus in Apri
On the campus in April, the phoenix trees standing in the spring are still falling, silently lifting the sky on the top of the head. On the clean ramp, it was covered with warm sun in the afternoon. The red and green floor tiles are filled with the footprints of the youthful teenagers Newport Cigarettes. Every time I walk on this martyrdom, my heart will always involve the mottled thoughts like the world, and those young days that are not worthy of the world will be measured step by step and extended into a frame of enlarged memory. Often mixed in these young and colorful worlds, blurring the boundaries of the years. I like a person who is careless but has to go through the windless afternoon. But the opposite is still coming in threes and threes. I am going to change course and create new paths, fleeing the tacit facts of the school and the rules and regulations. In order to save the courtesy that the students must do for me. So, a few meters away from them, I changed the direction of walking, and walked toward the direction of 60 degrees with them. "Teacher---" Three girls stood on the ramp and shouted at me, but stopped. before. It seems that there is a vast ocean in front of us. They stood on the coast and looked at me who was drifting away from them Marlboro Lights. They reluctantly stretched out their arms, but they did not dare to go half a step. Because as long as you step out of this ramp, it will violate the rules. This martyrdom is a line that measures students' compliance and discipline. It is also a sign of the difference between teachers and students Wholesale Cigarettes. They stand on this line and look at me. A girl daringly rushed across the line to me. I stopped, first was shocked by it, and then moved by it, facing her in the direction of the direction, also opened her arms, embracing her dare to first and maverick. The other two girls can only look at the ocean and stand on the other side, missing their happiness. Just because this line has been fixed in their hearts, it is impossible to overcome the tangible or intangible, natural or artificial ring in life, thus destroying the conscience and morality of our heavens or true. The most pitiful thing is that we are immersed in the sorrow and love of these commandments, and we are ignorant of the fact that we are arrogant for the sake of the heavens or for the people. Every time I saw the girl who promised on campus, I wanted to go over and hug her, so that my soul would not be entangled in the unbearable past, and I was struggli
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