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Splashing rice paper
Splashing rice paper, cold words and short words. Maple Red Trestle, I still remember the first meeting. Bow down, indifferent. Lin Feng said that the past sections of the road drifted at a rapid speed, confused into a silhouette, and the scene was wiped in an instant. Feelings are only a night of dust, instant opening and closing, rising and falling, weathering the false name of love. Dreaming, shadowing. The night is coming, and it is a neighbor. Who listens to my mind and enters the piano, the string is out of tone, and the disorder is once. Silk bamboo is light, but it is sad. Deep dust, the story is awkward, and the thoughts are quiet and shallow. Youth is in the field, waiting for the next scene to be staged, like a drifting bottle waiting for the next footnote. Young spoiled uneasiness, forgot about it and not. Andu only had a good gathering of scattered emotions. Paper clouds, sings in unfinished songs, who decorated the dream. Peach Blossom Dreams, like the love of the fairy, hit the red, can not escape the mirror, the water, and the sky. Years of the songs and poems Newport 100S, you and me, but the wanderers, decorated in the silent corridor. Life, stop and stop. Memories, stop and stop. Falling into the dust, Jun Mo sorrow, but hit back to the origin of the dream to write a thousand face, red dust. The chorus is awaiting a sympathy, sympathy and hardship. The sensation is deep, the aftertaste is slight, and the beauty is right and wrong, and the tears are burned. For the king to expand into a lovesick monument, the case before the case sketched a word of return, the fall of the joys and sorrows, hand-painted only love is the slang of the Qing Dynasty to deal with the years, not to forget the two. The day is complicated by clusters, and the mountains and rivers know where they are. The tree shadows mottled the scene, and the fluorescent light under the gap was separated for the entire century. Who is the dream of the blind, the shadow of the candle? Who is the ferry of the passenger boat in the evening? The smoke on the river makes people stunned, and the fog does not scatter. Ruixiang, graceful and whirlwind. Grace, grace and grace. The flower falls jade. Aestheticism is suffocating, when the way of love changes. How to soothe stagnation and make grief less obvious. When you can really return to zero, restart the memory, no longer ending. What changed in the past, when I turned around, I went back to strangers, who is not who, when the memory was erased, it really became a reality, and everything went new, and it returned to the starting point Newport Cigarettes Coupons. You stopped here, put down a memory, and then left. It��s my carelessness, or I��m too careful. After that, I forgot to look for it. In the weather you have been there, there is a sunny day that you love. We can't always fly together, miss the sometimes bad question, when I return a little bit of love to the sky, I am familiar with the climate, I know that this is not the freedom I want most. Landing, half empty; waiting, in place. The years are not blinking, reunion stays in the simple notes in the farewell, the deserted board is happy, staying up all night, lonely, looking up, warm winds, memory swings, greedy cups, slight sunset, suddenly floral, leaves falling Too short, the night has been three, the wet heart, the west wind does not come, sigh the time of injury, greedy yesterday, pure and cool, suddenly remembered, the flow has been stolen. My love, the wind does not move, the dust has a heart. I can��t say it, I��m shocked. The night reunion stopped drifting. You and me, a dream that does not wake up. Parting is always spent in frustration. Memory ointment, repeated application of wounds that cannot heal, your head scratched the silence. A trace of memory, carved with loneliness. Yu Qiuqiu, tears wet pillow. The details of the memories are slowly disintegrating, and gradually there is no feeling. Our distance cannot be exceeded. A goodbye is a farewell. I am obsessed with your understanding, and turning around is so calm. We are just passing through each other's world, maybe this is just a dream that I don't want to wake up. I need to use my life to understand, but I have no choice but to leave. Fireworks rain alley, who knows my heart? The more people want to wander, the more abstract love becomes. How to exchange mood, happiness can be convective. I think that I have to change a lot. Ling Chen Yu Feng, drifting and diversifying is just to continue tomorrow Marlboro Red, happiness will grow up...
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